Only Ever One Summer

Thirty sketched poems by Jamie Woods, inspired by the artwork of Anjum Wasim Dar, Gaynor Kane & John Phandal Law.

In April 2022 I took part in an ekphrastic #NaPoWriMo challenge set by Paul Brookes for his site The Wombwell Rainbow. Each day I chose from one of three pieces of art by Anjum Wasim Dar, Gaynor Kane or John Phandal Law, and just wrote until I had a decent first draft of a poem.

I posted them on Instagram and Twitter, and Paul posted them on his website. So they don’t disappear into the void, I’ve collected them into a PDF.

These poems are experiments, first drafts, written purely with the objective to write and see where I’d go. Think of this as a sketch book or a demo tape, not a manifesto or greatest hits.

30 poems, and the artwork that inspired them, for free!
If you’re curious, please take a look, download and share.


Jamie Woods is a writer from Swansea. He has had poetry published in Poetry Wales, short fiction in Evergreen Review and The Lonely Crowd, and his poem ‘Ring the Bell’ was commended in the Hippocrates International Prize for Poetry and Medicine 2021. In 2019 he was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia, and since reaching remission has been involved in supporting and advocating for fellow blood cancer patients.
Twitter: @JamieWoods77 | Instagram: @JamieWoods77

Gaynor Kane lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she is a part-time creative, involved in the local arts scene. She writes poetry and is an amateur artist and photographer. In all her creative activities she is looking to capture moments that might otherwise be missed.
Twitter @gaynorkane | Facebook @gaynorkanepoet | Instagram @gaynorkanepoet

John Phandal Law is 68. Lives in Mexborough. Retired teacher. Artist; musician; poet. Recently include in ‘Viral Verses’ poetry volume. Married. 2 kids; 3 grandkids.

Anjum Wasim Dar loves nature, landscapes and abstract imagery, works with pencils, crayons and  the Software ArtRage 2.0  and MyPaint. As a writer and poet, awarded Poet of Merit Bronze Medal 2000, USA International Society of Poets. With her artistic skills she plans and conducts environment awareness workshops for children, and her company CER (Creative Education Resources) participated in World Environment Day and Earth Day Programs 2011-2013.
Art Portfolio:

Paul Brookes is a shop asst in a supermarket. Lives in a cat house full of teddy bears. First play performed at The Gulbenkian Theatre, Hull.  His chapbooks include The Fabulous Invention Of Barnsley, (Dearne Community Arts, 1993). A World Where and She Needs That Edge (Nixes Mate Press, 2017, 2018) The Spermbot Blues (OpPRESS, 2017), Please Take Change (, 2018), As Folk Over Yonder ( Afterworld Books, 2019). He is a contributing writer of Literati Magazine and Editor of Wombwell Rainbow Interviews, book reviews and  challenges. Had work broadcast on BBC Radio 3 The Verb and, videos of his Self Isolation sonnet sequence featured by Barnsley Museums and Hear My Voice Barnsley. He also does photography commissions. Most recent is a poetry collaboration with artworker Jane Cornwell: “Wonderland in Alice, plus other ways of seeing”, (JCStudio Press, 2021).

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